Why was Saturday’s convergence zone stronger than expected?

After a weak frontal passage overnight Friday, the general consensus was that the Seattle area would experience clearing skies by Saturday afternoon with perhaps an isolated shower or two. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. A little after 8:30 AM, the main frontal band was already well off to the southeast and skies were clearing…except

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Winter begins in the Cascades

It was a stormy weekend for the Pacific Northwest. Early last week Washington weather enthusiasts were excited about a possible windstorm that wound up striking further south (50+ mph gusts in Newport, Or!), but I was looking forward to something different – the first big snowfall of the season for the Washington Cascades. Active weather

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PNW winter 2020-21 forecast: Will a giant warm blob cancel the effects of La Niña?

Before I get into the details, here’s a summary of what to expect this winter in the PNW (December-February): Near-normal temperatures Above-normal precipitation Above-normal mountain snowfall Lowland snow in the Seattle area is more likely later in the winter (Jan-Feb) than early (Nov-Dec) To set the stage for the forecast, I first want to quickly

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Stuck under an inversion

On the large scale, the past week in the Pacific Northwest has featured stagnant weather with relatively light winds and generally clear conditions aloft. However, on the local scale conditions have been far more variable, with a number of interesting temperature and cloud patterns that are worth a closer look. As the title of this

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