Another hot and dry summer comes to an end

As we close the books on the 2021 meteorological summer (June 1 – August 31), it is of little surprise that 2021 was once again warmer and drier than normal across most of the PNW. Average temperature was the warmest on record across much of the interior PNW and in the top 10% just about

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Brief PNW heatwave expected at the end of the week

A ridge that has been building offshore will move into the PNW and British Columbia this week, bringing a short-lived but potent heatwave to the region from Thursday – Saturday. The upper-air 500 hPa anomaly forecast for Thursday evening shows a large 2-sigma ridge centered along Pacific Coast, which is a significant but fortunately short-lived

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Unprecedented June heat wave threatens all-time temperature records

An extraordinary heat wave will build over the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia this weekend, bringing some of the warmest recorded temperatures in the history of the region. The upper-level forecast for Saturday evening shows an extraordinary “heat dome” ridge centered over western North America. Temperatures under the ridge are expected to easily be above

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Tracking migrating birds with weather radar

Looking at weather radar this time of year can be a bit confusing, as radar returns often appear seeming out of nowhere just after sunset and disappear just before sunrise. A radar loop of the past two nights over the PNW shows this amazing phenomenon, which can be attributed to migrating birds headed north for

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Snowy February, Dry March

Seattle’s February snow pack is long gone, but there is still plenty of snow to be found in the mountains. They got a help from the storm track last month, which was well positioned to blanket Washington and northeastern Oregon with precipitation. To get an idea of the shape of the storm track I’m showing

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