Western US drought persists, water shortages intensify as the end of rainy season approaches

April 1 is traditionally considered the milestone date for evaluating winter rainfall and snowpack across the western US. Unfortunately, the winter of 2021-22 did little to relieve the drought that was already widespread across the western US prior to rainy season. The latest US drought monitor continues to show severe drought conditions (D2-D4) across 75%

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West coast ridging turns February into a spring month

Who flipped the switch? Just a few weeks ago, the winter of 2021-22 was wet, cold, and stormy in the PNW. The ridging that began in mid-January looked like a brief reprieve prior to the inevitable return to the chilly and wet weather that La Niña winters are often known for. The switch has yet

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Will it snow in the Seattle area on Monday morning?

Weather models have been hinting at a lowland snow event for the last few days and we finally have some clarity on what is likely to happen on Monday morning. The short answer is that it’s about 50/50 right now for seeing snowflakes in Seattle proper, with minimal accumulation expected. Models continue to show a

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Where is winter?

December 1 marks the start of meteorological winter. While the change to wintery weather does not always align with the start of December on the calendar, the PNW usually shifts to consistently lower snow levels and cooler temperatures late November to early December. So when will that shift occur? First, a quick look at where

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