Snowy February, Dry March

Seattle’s February snow pack is long gone, but there is still plenty of snow to be found in the mountains. They got a help from the storm track last month, which was well positioned to blanket Washington and northeastern Oregon with precipitation. To get an idea of the shape of the storm track I’m showing

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One of the biggest snowstorms in decades takes aim at Seattle

This is the real deal, a significant 1-2 punch snowstorm is headed for the Seattle metro area beginning Thursday and continuing into Saturday night. Significant snowstorms are extremely rare in Seattle because it is nearly impossible for a storm system to combine cold, arctic air from east of the Cascades with warm, moist maritime air

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How much is it going to snow in the PNW lowlands this week?

Time to stock up on bananas and hunker down, the snowiest period since February 2019 is headed for the Pacific Northwest. While there is still some uncertainty about specifics, there is high confidence that the western WA lowlands, particularly the Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia corridor, will experience a period of snowfall at the end of the week. In

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